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“Give children the necessary tools to succeed, they will excel beyond their wildest dreams!”

Rainbows Edge was established in 2017. Our dream..our vision is to give homeless children a place they can call home. A place filled with love, kindness but most important they must feel the presence of God. We live in a world where children are being abused every second of the day. It's sad but it's reality. Children, want to be loved, comforted and fed daily, such simple things they request from us, yet society has failed them. While we still waiting for our property from the government to open an orphanage, we established the Rainbows Edge Feeding Foundation in 2019 Children living in poverty-stricken areas are extremely hungry. To achieve their best performance at school, they need sustainable and nutritional meals. School health and nutrition programmes, particularly when embedded within broader child development strategies, is an integral part of the long term development of a child...



The Organisation’s primary objective, is the recreation, upliftment, rehabilitation and development of impoverished communities without limitations.Provide physical, emotional and spiritual help.



The Organisation’s will be able to let people realise and achieve there potential through life training skills programs as well as basic educational training.To obtain a property and utelise it as a place of safety for vunerable children living on the streets. A place they can call home.



Help us make a difference in the life of a hungry person by donating foods or blessing our organization with a monetary donation. This unity of ours can ensure that those who are less fortunate has access to safe, healthy and nutritious food.

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BackaBuddy is a South African crowdfunding platform that is designed to help you create online campaigns to raise funds for causes you are passionate about.If you would like to view Rainbows Edge Charity Profile,please click the link.

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Food and nutrition affect the long-term wellbeing of our communities and our children. Although being a basic human right, hundreds of people are forced to skip meals daily. . For those living in extreme poverty, hunger is a daily battle. But they don’t have to fight it alone, we established the Program Pandemic 19. We have opened feeding outlets in various areas. With God at the helm of this organization and together with the assistance of our donors, volunteers and members living in these vulnerable communities, we are making a huge difference, and having a positive impact in their lives, especially the children who are most vulnerable.


None of this would’ve been achieved without your assistance. God placed you on our path, we did not meet by chance. Once again thank you for believing in our quest and for your overwhelming support. May God bless all of you,, your families, your businesses in every aspect of your lives. May those of you who are employed in various walks of life excel in your career paths.


Place God at the Helm of your life and your entire world will light up with a life of everlasting, eternal, warm glowing love. Stay safe in the presence of the Lord. God bless all of you.

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