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“Give children the necessary tools to succeed, they will excel beyond their wildest dreams!”

Rainbows Edge was established in 2017. Our dream..our vision is to give homeless children a place they can call home. A place filled with love, kindness but most important they must feel the presence of God. We live in a world where children are being abused every second of the day. It's sad but it's reality. Children, want to be loved, comforted and fed daily, such simple things they request from us, yet society has failed them. While we still waiting for our property from the government to open an orphanage, we established the Rainbows Edge Feeding Foundation in 2019 Children living in poverty-stricken areas are extremely hungry. To achieve their best performance at school, they need sustainable and nutritional meals. School health and nutrition programmes, particularly when embedded within broader child development strategies, is an integral part of the long term development of a child. As part of continuous development support, inclusive of maternal and child health, as well as early childhood development, school health and nutrition programmes, are a critical step to ensuring a child can reach their full potential. School feeding programs can help to get children into school and help to keep them there, through enhancing enrollment and reducing absenteeism; and once the children are in school, the programs can contribute to their learning, by avoiding hunger and enhancing cognitive abilities. To achieve these goals, it is essential that even the poorest children, who suffer most from ill health and hunger, can attend school and learn while there. Disadvantaged children often suffer the most from ill health and malnutrition and therefore benefit most from school feeding and health programs.

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The Reason

Geraldine Hendricks

Growing up in an impoverished and abusive environment was not easy for me and to escape the hurt and pain of this lifestyle and abusiveness, I become involved with the negative part of life, reaching out to people who placed me on the incorrect path of life. By God’s grace, I was saved and reached out to underprivileged children. Myself, Ma Connie and her daughter Jacky reached out to the impoverished children of Capricorn. We found a beautiful place of worship, small but overflowing with the love of the Holy Spirit, where Ma Connie empowered and uplifted the impoverished community with the wonderful, comforting scriptures of our Abba Father, Jesus Christ, while Jacky and I fed these lovely children a warm plate of food. It felt great to see these little smiley faces, yet I was still so lonely and my life took me in a different direction for a short period and on this pathway, I met a bundle of joy and love, I dedicated him to the Lord and named him Noah, a gift from God. This time around tGod shook me and rooted me on a steadfast rock and then the Holy Spirit came lifted me high upon the eagle's wings and since then, my little gift from God, Noah and I are both serving the Lord. During this time of my uprooting with the Lord to a higher level, I founded Rainbows Edge in 2017 and together with the Board members, we liaised for 2yrs with several government officials for a property to open an orphanage but this is not what the Lord had planned for us and led by the Holy Spirit, we started feeding and ministering to children attending schools but due to the Pandemic, Covid 19, we have established feeding outlets in various needy Societies, where a word of encouragement from the powerful word of God and a warm plate of food uplifts and enlightens any needy soul. For now, Rainbows Edge will be where God has placed us until we are blessed with a property huge enough for an orphanage and farming. We will wait on the Lord and be guided by His Holy Spirit.